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FAQ Most frequent questions and answers

No. We get paid by the farm for bookings through the system. Sometimes we charge a facilitation fee if we assist you on email or by telephone or after hours. But, sometimes you can pay less when booking through NextHunt with our coupons or last-minute discounts.

Booking the accommodation should be straight forward. However, sometimes some farms do have additional charges for cleaning or extra wood or hunting vehicles etc. Whilst we try to list all the potential additional charges, you should still check with the listing owner prior to checking in.

  1. We guarantee your deposit, so if there are any issues with the farm regarding payment, we’ve got you covered.
  2. We cannot assist you with any disputes with the farm, if we are not involved in the booking process.
  3. We need to pay our staff and bills in order to continue to provide the services that we offer you.
  4. Have all your booking and payment info in one place.
  5. Loyal recurring clients get freebies like t-shirts, caps and parkas.
  1. Let us worry about marketing and leave you to running your business. We’re pretty good with the marketing stuff.
  2. Since 2015 we have established a significant hunter following, many of whom only book upon our recommendations. As we get to know the farms’ preferences, we can also channel certain booking to and certain bookings away, based on the clients’ needs and the farms’ capabilities, thereby meeting all parties’ expectations.
  3. Less admin when it comes to payments and reconcilliations.
  4. One of our long term goals is to act as a filter in the hunting industry, in both directions, to pair good hunters with good farms. From the client’s side, this can predominantly be achieved through a rating system where bad apples are identified and good ones are welcomed back.
  5. Because we have a holistic view of the hunting industry, from a hunter’s perspective and from a farm’s perspective, we act as a soundboard for instance, encouraging constructive discussions with farms where they may struggle with correct pricing or vacancies.

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