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Bowhunting, Day Hunts, Rifle Hunting Double room R3,000.00 - R3,000.00

Mokakata Wildlife (Tambotie Riverside Chalet)

Burgersfort, Limpopo
  • Size of property
    400 ha
  • Payment
    EFT, Card, Cash
  • Beds

Mokata Wildlife is a game farm situated in the Sekhukune district in Limpopo. The name “Mokakata” is derived from the Northern Sotho name for the Lowveld Star Chestnut (Sterculia Murex), of which there are many found on the farm.
We offer a unique hunting opportunity on our 400 hectare farm with diverse mountainous and rivirrine area. This makes it the perfect “walk and stalk” destination.
We also specialise in the breeding of big horn and big bodied genetic common Impala & Nyala.


Nestled between the mountains and valleys, along the riverbed of the Eloff Stream, you will find a resting place like no other.
The Tambotie Riverside Chalet is built to blend in with nature. Here you will lose yourself listening to the flow of the stream, the singing of the birds, and rustling of the wild animals.
The deck is built around the trees and it makes you feel like you are sitting in them.
The Bedrooms and Bathrooms are equipped with one-sided mirror glass that lets you see the animals, but they can’t see you.
The boma is intimate and perfectly formed around the boulders – the ideal place to share life’s greatest stories with the people that matter.
Tambotie can be booked for hunters, or anyone else looking to spend time in the great outdoors.

The Chalet costs R3,000 per night and can sleep up to 4 people (2 rooms with queen size beds)

Day fee R300/hunter per day includes vehicle, PH, skinner, tracker and cold storage.

Bowhunting is preferred, but rifle hunting is allowed.

Game Prices

Impala Ram Knypkop R1,800
Impala Ram <23 5/8″ R2,500
Impala Ram >23 5/8″ R5,000
Impala Ewe R1,400
Black Impala R7,000
Kudu Bull <45″ R12,000
Kudu Bull 45-53 7/8″ R20,000
Kudu Bull >53 7/8″ POA
Kudu Cow R6,500
Warthog R1,500
Bushpig R2,500
Baboon R500
Nyala Bull <27″ R10,000
Nyala Bull >27″ R17,000
Nyala Ewe R3,500
Waterbuck Bull <28″ R8,000
Waterbuck Bull >29″ R17,000
Waterbuck Cow R5,500
Blue Wildebeest Bull R7,00
Blue Wildebeest Cow R5,500
Golden Wildebeest R7,000
Bushbuck Ram <15″ R10,000
Duiker Ram R3,000
Cape Eland Bull R25,000
Cape Eland Cow R10,000

Rules & Regulations

1. When in the veld, you will always be accompanied by a PH or a guide.
2. You will be taken to the hunting area with a hunting vehicle. No private vehicles allowed.
3. Strictly walk & stalk only
4. Silencers required
5. The hunter takes full responsibility for the animal shot. It is by his own discretion that the trigger is pulled, not the guide or PH.
6. No alcohol allowed before or while hunting.
7. Any damages to the property will be added to the hunter’s account.
8. All weapons will be unloaded when on the hunting vehicle or in the hunting camp.
9. The accuracy of all weapons will be tested on the shooting range before hunting commences. This also includes testing the functionality of the safety clip.
10. All accounts to be settled before check out
11. Slaughtering and meat processing facilities available
12. All game prices are exclusive of VAT.
13. Hunting and the use of dangerous weapons are entirely at your own risk – be responsible!
14. Right of Admission is reserved.
15. There are free roaming buffalo on the farm – entry of the farm is entirely at your own risk.
Failure to adhere to the above rules may result in expulsion and a permanent ban from Mokakata Wildlife & Lapeng Guest Lodge.

View our Lapeng Guest Lodge’s profile here.


Rentals Categories







  • Tamboti Bushveld Chalet

    Per night. Sleeps 4 people.

    R 3,000.00
  • Hunter

    Per hunter per day.

    R 200.00
  • Non-Hunter
  • Children


  • Game drives

    R200 per person

    R 200.00
  • Daily Cleaning
  • Hunting vehicle
  • Tracker
  • Skinner

    Impala & smaller: R100. Larger than Impala: R150

    R 100.00
  • Missed Shot Penalty

    R200, R400, R800 etc.

    R 200.00


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