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Cancellations and Refunds Policy


We understand that life happens and people’s plans change. Some property owners have their own cancellation policies and some don’t. As the booking agent, NextHunt will always try to facilitate and accommodate the hunter as well as the property owner for an optimal outcome. If you need to cancel your booking, please contact us immediately so we might advertise the limited hunting dates to other hunters.


If you cancel your booking within 2 weeks of your intended check-in date, it may be difficult for the property owner to find replacement guests, bearing in mind they might already have declined other potential guests for your dates, in which case a penalty fee may be imposed. If we are able to find replacement guests for your dates, the penalty might not be imposed, except potentially for banking and administration costs.


If your deposit has already been paid over to the property owner, it might take a while longer to do the refund, as we prefer to reverse the direction of the transaction.

Please remember that property owners often take bookings months ahead of time and spend the money on staff, marketing and maintenance in anticipation of the hunting season, as many of their businesses are cyclical and depend on advance deposits. It would therefore be appreciated if you could settle with taking a credit note for a hunt at a different date, rather than ask for the funds back.

Changes to your booking

Sometimes it may be possible to change your date to another date without incurring penalties, but please check with us, so we might discuss this with the property owner beforehand.

Need help?

Contact us at for questions related to cancellations, changes or refunds.