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Meat Processing – Recommended by NextHunt

Meat Processing – Recommended by NextHunt

Meat processing is an intimate and sensitive topic, with most people having found and sticking to their favourites. Same here. We’ve tried numerous service providers and have found our favourite:

PHD Wildsvleisverwerking. Pieter delivers exception quality products. He also has two cooler trailers available to clients at no additional charge. This saves getting your hands dirty or racing to catch the butchers open as the trailers’ cold boxes are thoroughly insulated and keep the meat inside cold for extended periods.

Everything is neatly packages and labelled. Pieter knows not to vacuum too much as to avoid the meat sweating. The boerewors remains our favourite product, as we have never tasted boerewors as good as this.

Remember to call and book in advance. This helps them to plan and be prepared. But if you forget, no sweat, they’ll still help you.

Call Pieter on 082 335 4234.

Side note: They also have the most delicious deboned chicken, cheese grillers, salamis and cheese.

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