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NextHunt Review – Lentegeur Wildlife

NextHunt Review – Lentegeur Wildlife

The NextHunt team visited Lentegeur Wildlife near Sentrum in Limpopo.

We were shown around by owner Maurits van de Wetering in his 2900 hectare paradise. Maurits has spent 6 years and a lot of money to de-bush half the farm to transform it into the original savannah which it used to be before cattle was introduced close to a century ago.

The animals are evidently very happy with the abundance of grass and in very good condition. Very large herds of Impala dominate the scenery along with many Kudu, Blue wildebeest and Waterbuck.

Although the savannah is beautiful to see and loved by the animals, it will challenge hunters as cover is also limited.
The other part of the farm is still covered by dense bush and large trees. These bushes also contain large amounts of animals and although they may be more difficult to spot, hunting should be easier.

The accommodation at Lentegeur’s Monkey Thorn camp is appealing in aesthetics as well as practice. The camp has two dorms with en-suite bathrooms, ceiling fans and air conditioning, sleeping a total of 12 people. A communal kitchen and lapa is situated in-between the dorms. Additional accommodation is available at the nearby Cussonia Camp.

Maurits (jokingly?) guarantees that if you don’t have your cross-hairs on an animal within 10 minutes of leaving the camp, that animal is free. It took us 4 minutes.

Lentegeur promises to be an unforgettable hunting trip and is now a NextHunt Recommended hunting destination.

January 2019

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