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  • Size of property
    40 000 ha
  • Payment
    EFT, Card, Cash
  • Beds

Situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa with more than 40 000 hectares of prime hunting land bordering Botswana.

Access to 42 huntable species, Spiralhorn creates a superior hunting environment with only the best possible trophy animals that Southern Africa has to offer. All our hunting areas are malaria free.

Hunting with Spiralhorn is the ethical, sportsmanlike, lawful pursuit, and taking of any wild, native Southern African game animal and does not give the hunter an unfair advantage.

Bow Hunting

Spiralhorn Safaris specialise ni the hunting of both plains game and dangerous game in Africa. Louis van Bergen is an avid bow hunter himself and knows what it takes to harvest your dream African trophy.

With 12 well equipped blinds on a hunting area of over 100 000 acres, we do everything possible to ensure your hunting success.

Dangerous game is hunted in a walk and stalk manner with fully qualified Big 5 licenced Professional Hunters as we realise that there is no substitute for having an experienced guide on your dangerous game bow hunt.

Rifle Hunting

South Africa has the greatest diversity of plains game in the world, making it one of the most desirable hunting destinations amongst both experienced and inexperienced hunters. Spiralhorn Safaris have acquired some of the best areas for hunting all of the diverse species that South Africa has to offer.

We cater to your every need, whether it is hunting the likes of Mountain Reedbuck or the majestic Kudu, our objective is to provide you with top quality trophies hunted in their native habitat in a fair chase manner to preserve the true integrity of the hunt.

Louis van Bergen (Owner and Outfitter)
Being a very avid bow hunter himself, Louis understands the needs of bow hunting clients perfectly and does everything possible to ensure their success in taking great trophy animals. Louis has experience in hunting the big five. The hunting of Lion, Leopard, Buffalo and Hippo became a way of life in Zambia where he spent 2008. Louis returned to hunt South Africa and continues to pursue the Dangerous Game of Africa.

Carien van Bergen (General Manager)
Carien is involved with all the camp obligations on a day-to-day basis. She handles all the logistics and makes sure that the camp runs smoothly. Her skills include arranging side trips for the family, day trips for the ladies or fun-filled activities for everyone.

Local Hunting Price List 2023

  • Buffelsvlei Lodge (Sleeps 12 Guests):
  • Description Rates Excl VAT.
  • Self-Catering: Hunters & Non-Hunters R 700 per person per day
  • Self-Catering: Non-Hunter Kids under 12 R 250 per person per day
  • Full Catering: Hunters & Non-Hunters R 2,000 per person per day
  • Full Catering: Non-Hunter Kids under 12 R 1,000 per person per day
  • Rifle Hire R 650 per day includes ammunition
  • Daily Rate Includes 1 x PH and 1 x Hunting Vehicle per 4 x Hunters.
  • Additional Fee of R 1,000 per day for another PH and Hunting Vehicle per 4 x Hunters.
Species Male Trophy Male Non-Trophy Female
Blesbuck Common R 6,000 – 16” and larger R 4,500 R 3,500
Blesbuck White R 8,000 – 16” and larger R 6,000 R4,500
Buffalo 40”–42”  R 120,000 36” – 39”  R 90,000  R 25,000 (specific cows to be selected by PH)
43”–45” R 150,000
46” and larger POA
Bushbuck R 14,000 N/A N/A
Duiker Common R 5,000 R 5,000 N/A
Eland (Specific Bulls) R 35,000 N/A N/A
Gemsbuck R 14,000 R 12,000 N/A
Gemsbuck Golden R 30,000 R 30,000 N/A
Giraffe (Dark Bulls) R 35,000 N/A N/A
Impala Black R 15,000 – 20” + N/A N/A
Impala Common R 6,000 – 24” + R 3,000 R 1,500
Impala White Flanked R 25,000 R 25,000 N/A
Kudu R 30,000 – up to 53” N/A R6,500
R 45,000 – 54” – 56”
Larger than 57” – POA
Lechwe R 30,000 R 30,000 N/A
Nyala R 22,000 – 27” + R 16,000 N/A
Red Hartebeest R 14,000 R 14,000 N/A
Roan R 67,000 – 27” + R 55,000 N/A
Sable R 55,000 – 44” + R 40,000 N/A
Springbuck Black R 8,750 R 8,750 N/A
Springbuck Common R 6,500 R 6,500 N/A
Springbuck Copper R 8,750 R 8,750 N/A
Springbuck White R 16,000 R 16,000 N/A
Steenbuck R 5,000 R 5,000 N/A
Tsessebe R 25,000 R 25,000 N/A
Warthog R 5,000 – 12” + R 950 R 950
Waterbuck R 18,000 R 18,000 R 5,500
Wildebeest Blue R 10,000 – 28” + R 7,000 R 4,800
Wildebeest Golden R 25,000 – 28” + R 18,000 R 8,000
Wildebeest Kings R 55,000 R 55,000 N/A
Zebra R 6,500 6,500

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

** White Springbuck are only available as part of the Grand Slam.
The above rates include the following:
 Skinning of Carcass for Biltong / Trophy
 Fully equipped Accommodation (daily cleaning, cleaning materials, crockery, linen, etc)
 Hunting Vehicle & PH per 4 Hunters. Additional PH and Hunting vehicle @ R 1,000 per day per 4 x Hunters.
 DSTV & Wifi
 Field Preparation of Trophies
 Fire Wood
 Use of Cooling Facilities
 Trackers
 Swimming Pool
 Airconditioned Chalets / Not applicable for Boshuis
 The use of Both Pit and Elevated Blinds for Bow Hunters
 Pick up and drop off at blinds for Bow Hunters
 Pick up off animals killed


 Spiral Horn Safaris offers to order your shopping (food, drink & ice) free of charge from Pick n Pay in Thabazimbi. Orders must be placed on a Monday and are delivered and packed away on a Wednesday. Only the slip value is due by the client.
 Spiral Horn Safaris uses Highveld Taxidermy. Clients are welcome to make use of their services. Spiral Horn Safaris will arrange for pick-up of all trophies / skins to be picked up by Highveld Taxidermy.

Terms and conditions

 Minimum of R 40,000 excl. VAT for Buffelsvlei Lodge per weekend.
 A minimum of 2 nights stay.
 No more than 4 hunters per vehicle is permitted.
 No discount will be given for cash. VAT will be charged on cash.
 We do not have credit card facilities available, but full Wi-Fi is available to make EFT payments.
 Full payment of your Invoice must be made before departure.
 No animals will be released unless full payment has been received.
 50% deposit on Daily Rates is payable to confirm your booking
 No deposit is refundable should the hunt be cancelled.
 Full deposits can be carried forward for hunt at a later date, limited to a 12 month period.
 If re-booked for the following year, the new Price List will apply.
 Trophy fees are payable in respect of all animals bagged or wounded.
 Permit Fees will be re-applied for the following year and will be for the client’s account.
 The client is obliged to notify the Outfitter of any special medical health conditions (i.e.: heart problems, diabetics, asthma, allergies, etc…) at least ten (10) days prior to the arrival date.
 Liability, while every effort will be made to ensure the client’s safety, NO responsibility whatsoever will be accepted for any accident, injury illness or loss whatsoever, nor any expense arising from such accidents, injury, illness or loss. It will be expected of the clients to sign an Indemnity Form before the hunt commences. Upon payment of the deposit the client accepts that Spiral Horn Safaris is not liable for any damages personal, financial or physical.

Hunting and Farm Rules

1. No rifle hunting allowed within a 500m radius from the waterholes.
2. Silencers are compulsory.
3. No shooting off of the hunting vehicle. A fine of R 5,000 will be charged.
4. Only Males available for hunting between 01 September – 01 May
5. No leaving the bow blinds before the hunting vehicle arrives.
6. No urinating near the Bow Blinds.
7. No Rifle hunting from the Bow Blinds
8. No smoking indoors at the Lodge or Boshuis. R 5,000 fine will be charged.
9. A Hit or miss shot will be decided by your PH / Guide
10. The onus lies with the Hunter for the horn / trophy size.
11. No hunting on the day of departure. Only tracking of wounded animals will be allowed.
12. No more than 4 guests per hunting vehicle.

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Rentals Categories







  • Hunter (Self-catering)

    Per person per night

    R 700.00
  • Non-Hunter (Self-catering)

    Per person per night

    R 700.00
  • Child (0-12) (Self-catering)

    Per person per night

    R 250.00
  • Hunter (Catered)

    Per person per night

    R 2,000.00
  • Non-Hunter (Catered)

    Per person per night

    R 2,000.00
  • Child (0-12) (Catered)

    Per person per night

    R 1,000.00


  • Rifle hire

    R 650 per day includes ammunition

    R 650.00
  • Additional PH & Vehicle

    Daily Rate Includes 1 x PH and 1 x Hunting Vehicle per 4 x Hunters. Additional Fee of R 1,000 per day for another PH and Hunting Vehicle per 4 x Hunters.

    R 1,000.00
  • Daily Cleaning


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