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Nyamazane Game Ranch (Buffalo Camp)

Harding, KwaZulu-Natal
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The name Nyamazane is derived from the Zulu word for antelope and there are an abundance of game on the farm as the name suggests. There are more than 30 game species on the property with more being introduced each year. The farm boasts with big game animals like buffalo and giraffe and the smaller blue duiker and oribi. There are also predator species like leopard, caracal, serval and jackal present. With more than 250 bird species the farm is a paradise for bird watchers.
The farm offers many activities to the visitor like: fishing, hiking, game drives, bush walks, birding and hunting.
The landscape consists of flat plains, sloping hills and beautiful perennial streams. The terrain includes different biomes such as grasslands, typical coastal bush and old forests.


-This newly developed camp consists of 4 units sleeping 2 persons each. Each unit has its own bar fridge, coffee station and en suite bathroom for the convenience of our guests.
-A communal kitchen and lounge is available with a fridge/ freezer should additional freezer space be required. The kitchen offers guests cooking facilities should they prefer not to braai outdoors or when weather does not permit.
-The outdoor braai areas in the beautiful surrounds of the camp gardens provides the perfect environment in which to relax and enjoy the sounds of the African bushveld. The camp overlooks the buffalo enclosure where where the original buffalo introduced were kept before released onto the ranch. The breeding herd visits the area often and can sometimes be appreciated from relatively close by while enjoying a braai.
-The units may be booked separately or as a group.
-Wood for the braai is included in the daily rates and should more be required it can be purchased on the farm.
-Minimum of two nights stay required.


Nyamazane Game ranch caters for rifle and bow hunters. For rifle hunters the minimum calibre allowed is .243 and for bow hunting compound bows with a minimum draw mass of 45lbs will be allowed. We take all hunters, old and young, who can handle a rifle/bow safely and who possess the necessary shooting skills. All hunters are required to test their rifles at the shooting range to ensure that they are sighted correctly before any hunting will commence and if it is found that a hunter can’t achieve a decent grouping over 100m, that hunter will not be allowed to hunt. Our range is there for sighting purposes only, no testing of loads or excessive shooting will be allowed. Hunters are requested to arrive with their rifles sighted. We strive not to disturb animals too much and hunters are requested to conduct themselves at all times with this in mind.
The walk and stalk method is employed for hunting. No exceptions will be made for able bodied hunters. Hunters will be taken to the hunting area and they will hunt on foot with a guide. Once an animal has been shot it will be retrieved as soon as possible and the hunter can then continue hunting. The hunting area is divided into two large blocks and therefore only two active rifle hunters are allowed at any time. The limit for bow hunters is four.
Included in the day fee is the guide and a vehicle for drop off and collection as well as normal recovery of the animal. It does not include the use of additional staff, vehicles and tractors to find wounded animals or for the cutting of roads and/or for the recovery of animals from inaccessible places. The actual cost of the above is for the hunter’s account.)

Day fees

Day Hunters Hunting Fee: R1 500.00

Overnight Hunters Hunting Fee: R700.00

Observer Fee: R250.00

Skinning and caping

-Small (up to Blesbuck) R150
-Large (bigger than a Blesbuck) R250
-Skull mount(skinning and filed preparation) R200
-Shoulder mount( skinning and field preparation) –small: R300
-Shoulder mount (skinning and field preparation)- large: R350
-Full mount and flat skins including head: Price on request

Meat processing

-R15 per kg (carcass weight) plus the cost of spices and consumables used. Collection one week after day of departure.


-No hunting or shooting without the presence of a guide or licensed PH.
-No hunting will take place on Sundays unless otherwise agreed to. Hunters attention is drawn to the fact that that skinning and trophy preparation fees are double that of the price list for Sundays.
-Walk and stalk hunting only for able bodied hunters(except for bow hunters and for bushpigs)
-Bow hunters to remain at their hides at all times. (Once an animal has been shot it must be reported where after a guide will accompany the hunter in retrieving it.)
-No practice shots in the hunting areas.
-No head shots allowed.
-No animal may be hunted that is not on the game quota. Any such animal will be charged at trophy prices, forfeited and charges could be brought against the hunter.
-It is the hunter’s responsibility to ensure that he shoots the correct species, sex and size. The guides are there to guide and get the hunter close to the animal. Do not take a shot if the guide tells you not too.
-An animal or herd may only be approached twice. After two unsuccessful stalks the animal/herd must not be further pursued.

Game Prices 2023

Blesbuck (Female): 3 000 ZAR
Blesbuck (Male): 3 500 ZAR
Blesbuck (Trophy): 6 000 ZAR – 16″
Blue Wildebeest (Female): 4 500 ZAR
Blue Wildebeest (Male): 6 000 ZAR
Blue Wildebeest (Trophy): 8 000 ZAR
Bushbuck (Male): 4 000 ZAR
Bushpig (Female): 2 500 ZAR
Bushpig (Male): 2 500 ZAR
Bushpig (Trophy): 4 000 ZAR
Caracal / Lynx: 1 500 ZAR
Duiker (Blue):10 000 ZAR
Duiker (Grey) (Female): 2 500 ZAR
Duiker (Grey) (Male):1 800 ZAR
Duiker (Grey) (Trophy): 2 500 ZAR
Giraffe (Male):14 000 ZAR
Impala (Female): 2 400 ZAR
Impala (Male): 3 000 ZAR
Impala (Trophy): 6 000 ZAR
Kudu (Male 1):14 000 ZAR
Kudu (Trophy): 20 000 ZAR
Nyala (Male):12 000 ZAR
Nyala (Trophy):12 000 ZAR
Warthog (Female): 2 500 ZAR
Warthog (Male): 2 200 ZAR
Warthog (Trophy): 3 500 ZAR
Zebra (Burchell’s) (Female): 8 000 ZAR
Zebra (Burchell’s) (Male): 6 000 ZAR
Zebra (Burchell’s) (Trophy): 8 000 ZAR

Updated: 9 February 2023


Rentals Categories







  • Hunter

    Per person per night

    R 700.00
  • Non-Hunter

    Per person per night

    R 495.00
  • Child

    Per person per night


  • Skinning

    -Small (up to Blesbuck) R150 -Large (bigger than a Blesbuck) R250 -Skull mount(skinning and filed preparation) R200 -Shoulder mount( skinning and field preparation) – Small: R300 -Shoulder mount (skinning and field preparation)- Large: R400 -Full mount and flat skins including head: Price on request



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