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Omulu Safaris is a must African outdoor experience. We are situated outside Thabazimbi in the main hunting region of South Africa. Our pride is our Nature!

Omulu Safaris can cater for all your hunting and outdoor needs and expectations. Our main aim is to create dreams and visions not only for ourselves but also for any person.


Accommodation: Hunters – R500.00 per hunter per night / Non-Hunter – R450.00 per person per night
Skinning fee: Small Game – R50.00 per animal / Large Game – R100.00 per animal
Caping: Small and Large Game: R250.00 per animal incl. salt
Hunting from bakkie: R6/km

Eland, Sable and Waterbuck prices are available on request.

8″ – 10″ R1500.00
10″ – 13″ R2000.00

13″ R5000.00
No Warthogs may be hunted at water holes.

Omulu Safaris is a NextHunt Verified Farm

Game Prices

Baboon: R500,00
Blesbuck (Female): R3 000,00
Blesbuck (Male): R3 500.00
Blue Wildebeest (Female): R4 500.00
Blue Wildebeest (Male): R5 000.00
Blue Wildebeest (Trophy): R10 000.00
Cape Buffalo (Male): R80 000.00
Cape Buffalo (Trophy 1): R90 000.00
Cape Buffalo (Trophy 2 ): R120 000.00
Eland (Cape) (Female): R18 000.00
Eland (Cape) (Male): R22 000.00
Gemsbok / Oryx (Female): R5 800.00
Gemsbok / Oryx (Golden) (Male): R25 000.00
Gemsbok / Oryx (Male): R8 500.00
Gemsbok / Oryx (Trophy): R9 500.00
Giraffe (Female): R15 000.00
Giraffe (Male): R17 000.00
Golden Wildebeest (Female): R13 000.00
Golden Wildebeest (Male): R13 000.00
Golden Wildebeest (Trophy): R20 000.00
Impala (Black): R9 500.00
Impala (Female): R1 900.00
Impala (Male 1): R2 200.00
Impala (Male 2): R2 500.00
Impala (Penkop/Juvenile): R1 800.00
Impala (White Flanked): R9 500.00
Kudu (Female): R7 500.00
Kudu (Male 1): R10 000.00
Kudu (Male 2): R13 000.00
Kudu (Male 3): R15 000.00
Kudu (Male 4): R17 000.00
Nyala (Male): R10 000.00
Nyala (Trophy): R15 000.00
Ostrich (Female): R2 500.00
Ostrich (Male): R2 500.00
Red Hartebeest (Female): R6 500.00
Red Hartebeest (Male): R8 000.00
Red Hartebeest (Trophy): R9 000.00
Roan (Male): R35 000.00
Sable (Male): R850.00
Warthog (Male): R1 000.00
Waterbuck (Female): R5 500.00
Waterbuck (Male): R15 000.00
Zebra (Burchell’s) (Female): R5 000.00
Zebra (Burchell’s) (Male): R5 000.00


Rentals Categories







  • Hunter

    Per person per night

    R 500.00
  • Non-Hunter

    Per person per night

    R 450.00
  • Child

    Per person per night

    R 450.00


  • Game drives
  • Skinning

    R50 - R100; Caping: R250

    R 250.00
  • Guide/PH



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